The Mission

To educate humanity about PFC nutrition and related healthy habits, to provide tools and resources that empower people to live these habits, and to create a safe and supportive forum for collaboration, sharing and motivation.

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Renita's Story

Renita Brannan is a global health professional with over 20 years of experience. She holds over 20 certifications, is a best selling author and a regular media personality.

Renita had long envisioned tools that would reinforce the nutritional habits she teaches and make it incredibly easy. In 2019, she introduced three products; the PFC Paper Plate, PFC Bone China Plate and the PFC Bar.

 Education and Certifications


  • BA in Physical Education / Business

Continued Education

  • Holistic Nutrition / Naturopathy at Clayton College of Natural Health


  • Amazon Best Selling author Nice & Fat
  • Amazon #1 New Release My CBD Money Tree


  • NBC Weekly Nutrition & Fitness Expert - 8 years


  • ACE certified Advanced Personal Trainer
  • ACE certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant
  • ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor
  • ACE Sports and Nutrition Certified
  • Aqua certified
  • Aqua Rock Master Trainer
  • Biblical Health Coach
  • Cardio Pilates certified
  • Delay the Disease certified (Parkinson’s)
  • Elderly Fitness certified Senior Fitness Association
  • Fit Beach Global Trainer
  • Fitour Master Trainer
  • IBNFC Certified Nutrition Coach
  • Kids Fitness certified
  • Physiology of Endocannabinoid System certified
  • Pilates certified
  • Piyo certified
  • Pre and post-natal certified
  • RAMP Global Trainer
  • Yoga certified
  • Zumba certified

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